when the student is ready, the teacher may just turn up on the web...

What is the purpose of spiritual guidance? It is simply a modern update of an ancient relationship: that between teacher and seeker. The shocking truth is that the Self -- the deep truth, freedom, and satisfaction everyone wants -- is not some great mystery: it is obvious! The spiritual struggle is about removing the blinders to seeing the obvious. Guides help with that.

How might you benefit from working with me?

Get personalized spiritual training and advice tailored to your situation, background, and problems

Learn the theory and the practice in a detailed, one-on-one way

Get answers to your questions as they arise

Troubleshoot obstacles to the spiritual path (though this is not psychotherapy)

Get encouragement and accountability

Get an intuitive sense of your own natural state through a kind of resonance

The bottom line is: the right guide can dramatically smooth and speed your journey to freedom.

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