“My experience being introduced to self inquiry through Akilesh was a great one. He urges you to dig deeper inside yourself, and you can tell he is genuinely happy to be teaching something he’s spent so much of his life working on. I would definitely repeat the workshop just to get even more practice with self inquiry and guidance from Akilesh.” -OH, NYC

“Akilesh Ayyar brought incredible intelligence and freshness to the old system of Vedanta. As someone who is skeptical of ‘spirituality,’ I was surprised to come away so inspired.'“ -J, Philadelphia


Science and Non-Duality Conference, San Jose, CA, on Friday, October 25, 2019, from 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

poster presentation: No, don’t integrate — transcend!

Why it is that the popular idea of integration and embodiment is a misleading view of the heart of the spiritual search.



Maha Rose, Brooklyn, NY, “An Introduction to Self-Inquiry: Royal Road to Spiritual Awakening”


HealHaus, Brooklyn, NY, “How to Find What Isn’t Lost.”

Incite Seminars, Philadelphia, PA “How to Find What Isn’t Lost.”


The New York Self-Inquiry Discussion Group, New york, NY