"An important treatise on the theory and practice of inclusive oneness for a conflicted and divided world." -Swami Bodhananda Saraswati

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Enlightenment. Knowing your own true nature. Getting in touch with something deeper. Spiritual liberation. Self-realization. Self-recognition. Moksha. Nirvana. The truth of non-duality.

There are many names for it.

The mystical traditions of the world teach that there is a way to find deep truth, peace, satisfaction, and freedom, no matter what the conditions of our lives. Their lesson is that we are what we seek! We are not who we think we are. If we can clear away the confusion around our identity, we'll find what we've been looking for.

I'm a writer, speaker, and Harvard-educated attorney with three graduate degrees and a deep grounding in eastern and western philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. More importantly, I was a spiritual seeker who found that he was what he was looking for. I'm here to help others do the same.

I am a grateful student of the Hindu mystical tradition known as “Advaita Vedanta.” But the tendency of many mystical schools is to be rigid and to make enlightenment seem needlessly strange and complex. On the other hand, many New Age spiritual approaches oversimplify and have a shallow approach to human nature.

Enlightenment is dead simple. Our ways of avoiding it are complicated.

What we want is already in our possession. At the same time, we face inner obstacles to seeing that. The spiritual journey is about clearing away those obstacles. When that happens, our real identity shines automatically.

I provide a sophisticated, realistic new approach to clearing away the obstacles to seeing our true nature, which is our deepest desire.

For sincere seekers, there are answers to be found. They are not easily found, but they exist. Finding these answers requires an intensely personal journey. No one can live that journey for you, but the right guidance can lighten your load and illuminate the way. That's what I hope this site provides.

My new book, How to Find What Isn't Lost, presents my system as a whole. I talk about many individual points of spiritual interest in my blog posts. An index to all my work is on my teachings page. I also offer one-on-one spiritual guidance to interested seekers.


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