Sifting to the Truth
Sifting to the Truth
An intelligent path to spiritual enlightenment
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a new map

to the self


Ancient sages drew the first maps to enlightenment.

They discovered the eternal principles and landmarks.

Yet in every era, the terrain changes, and the maps must be redrawn.


Enlightenment. Knowing your own true nature. Spiritual liberation. Self-realization. Self-recognition. Moksha. Nirvana. The truth of non-duality.

There are many names for it.

The mystical traditions of the world teach that there is a way to find perfect peace and bliss — indeed, that we are that already, if we could but see it.

I am a grateful student of one such school — the Hindu mystical tradition known as “Advaita Vedanta.”

It is extraordinary and sublime, but suffers from certain critical shortcomings. Its philosophy could better address modern objections. It could be more creative and understanding of human flaws.

In my own journey, I found traditional principles, taken alone, inadequate.

The central insight of the traditions must be preserved while being restated in a clear, open, rational, and realistic way — without falling into the New Age traps of anti-intellectualism and oversimplification.

To get to the object of my spiritual search, I had to meld traditional principles with insights from literature, psychology, and philosophy into a powerful new approach. I offer that to you.

For sincere seekers, there are answers to be found. They are not easily found, but they exist. Finding these answers requires an intensely personal journey. No one can live that journey for you, but the right guidance can lighten your load and illuminate the way. That's what I hope this site provides.

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