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On Akilesh as a Spiritual Teacher

A true hidden gem in this domain.

I found him both extremely direct, honest, no bullshit, grounded, and very refreshingly, casual. He has no enlightened front and yet, once we got talking, his directness and honesty on the matters of enlightenment from his own direct consciousness is very apparent. I appreciate it when a genuinely enlightened person cannot answer questions and matters when the question is based on a false premise. It shows he has no interest in indulging people in illusion, misleading language in order to gain more popular appeal, and integrity, and I greatly appreciate that...He gives very solid methods one can do to find out and also purify one’s own emotional messages and signals in order to get closer in line and take action towards what one really wants through more and more refinement...Couldn’t recommend him enough!
— KP
He helped my understand my own procrastination. He guided me through multiple ‘hitting the wall’ moments of self-inquiry, resolved many existential doubts, and helped me avoid many of the subtle traps of a spiritual path. He explained my many doubts about Advaitan metaphysics and how exactly it related to self-inquiry. I finally reached a point where things were integrated enough for life and self-inquiry to be self-sustainable. There is a harmonious life now, well integrated with a background spiritual inquiry, that comes to foreground multiple times on a given day. There is content and peace and, equally importantly, a healthy engagement with the relative world.

I can honestly say that this transition wouldn’t have been possible, or at least would have taken much longer, it it weren’t for Akilesh’s personalized help.
— SS
I found meeting with Akilesh very helpful. Being present together greatly helped me on my path and I would highly recommend that others meet with him. I also found Akilesh is someone that it is safe to be vulnerable with — which in my experience is essential in pursuing truth.”
— MM
“You did magic for me.” -E