"An important treatise on the theory and practice of inclusive oneness for a conflicted and divided world." -Swami Bodhananda Saraswati

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The nondual school of Hinduism — “advaita vedanta” — teaches that our suffering and our ignorance comes from our mistaken beliefs that we are individual people. In fact, we are far more than individuals. We are the supreme, unblemished, perfect Essence.

We can recognize this for ourselves beyond a doubt. This recognition is called liberation, or moksha.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for seekers to find how to actually pursue liberation, both in terms of the ‘technique’ itself and in terms of the background requirements that make it possible to practice it successfully.

I have spent the last 20 years living these questions. I have situated the teachings of the greatest Hindu sage of the 20th century, Sri Ramana Maharshi, in the context of psychology, philosophy, and literature to create new, powerful, and practical suggestions to help see the most profound universal truth: the answer to the question “Who am I?”

My new book, How to Find What Isn't Lost, presents my system as a whole. I talk about many individual points of spiritual interest in my blog posts. An index to all my work is on my teachings page. I also offer spiritual guidance to interested seekers.


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