Misconceptions about Enlightenment

A person does not get enlightened; enlightenment simply is the truth


So a misconception that people have is that a person gets enlightened. Right, you think of yourself as a person, a mind, a body, and you think that’s what gets enlightened. But actually ,enlightenment is simply the truth. Enlightenment is simply what is already the case. The entire story of being a person, a body and a mind and essentially a kind of limited entity — this precisely is the story that is false. So, the story of a person who was ignorant and then becomes enlightened, this kind of story is precisely what isn’t the case. So the entire idea that a person could be enlightened is exactly the idea that the truth of enlightenment which is there regardless of how many times the idea may crop up that it isn’t — remains. It’s like a rock, right, and these, these thoughts of being a person to whom enlightenment occurs are just like these shadows. The shadows cannot actually touch the rock which is the simple truth, the matter of fact. And it doesn’t matter how many times one may think differently. The fact is, enlightenment is, and the story of being a limited person isn’t.