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The Problems with The Power of Now

The Problems with The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle is one of the leading people converting the exciting findings of nonduality into boring, syrupy, non-intellectual crap. True, he says many things that are correct and, for some people, no doubt useful. Yes, his overall message is probably fine, like some processed cereal is fine.

But overall, his blandness, his confusion of categories, his poor thinking and lazy analysis of important texts... it's all so boring. Like a copy of a copy of a copy, it is tired, mixed-up, and cliched. 

I'm practically put to sleep by The Power of Now, the book that, Oprah-assisted, catapulted him to Deepak-Chopra (I have problems with Deepak, too, which I'll get to another day) levels of stardom. 

What are its problems? Many, but I'll limit my findings to a key few.