The doors to the train are locked -- so chill

Let me assure you, the doors to the train are locked. You are going precisely where you are going and nowhere else, governed by a combination of desire and circumstances — or, if you prefer, God’s will.

You’re on a track, and that track cannot be deviated from. It can only, as one of its stops, give you the illusion of being able to change its direction. Can’t happen. Doesn’t happen. What will be, will be. What was had to happen the way it did.

Does that mean we don’t try? It means that the trying itself is part of a process that plays out with iron certainty. The drama of figuring things out is all part of the script.

So sit back, and, as Ramana Maharshi says, put your baggage down.

Relax and enjoy the view. Not even that.

Just relax.

Not even that.