Being is simply the constant silence behind thoughts. But that is a thought.


In truth, Self is so simple. Self is simply being without any pretension to hope or to fear, to doing anything else. Self means the total relaxation of all mental effort. It is that space of silence, the hum of the refrigerator, the constant phone tone that underlies your life. You know it. It’s simply what you are, constantly. And if you just relax, that is it. You’re there. But the moment you say “I’m there,” you’re not there. The moment you say, “when I say ‘I’m there, I’m not there,’” now you’re not there. Except that you are. In all those cases, you are there. You are there even when you think you’re not there. The thoughts of not being there are merely thoughts of not being there. In fact, they’re not even thoughts of not being there. The very idea of not being there is just a thought. The very idea that there can be a thought of not being there that afflicts you is a thought. Thoughts cannot affect you. Thoughts cannot afflict you. Thoughts don’t even exist. The very one who says “there is a thought” is a thought. Thoughts are like mirrors put together facing each other. They’re recursive. Move the mirror, even one of them, even slightly, and all the thoughts disappear as if they never were. And in fact, they never are. They never were, they never are. The mirror alone is. Not even the mirror. Because the mirror is contrasted with its reflections, and its reflections are unreal, which means the mirror is just a thought. No, no, something beyond the reflections and the mirror. Not even that. Beyond is a thought.